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Limousine Dublin { Frequently Asked Questions }

There are some common questions that we receive during the booking process, so we wanted to save you a little bit of time by listing some of them here. If you have more questions for us, or if you're ready to book your party bus trip, simply give us a call or email us. Our contact information is listed here.

Q: "Can we smoke on the limo bus?"
A: Though we love for our passengers to enjoy themselves during their trip, we cannot allow smoking on the bus out of respect for nonsmoking passengers who may rent the bus after you. A firm nonsmoking policy keeps the furnishings in our bus just as clean and fresh smelling as they were when the bus was brand new.

Q: "Can we drink on the limo bus?"
A: The answer to this question is a resounding YES! Though we are not allowed to provide you with drinks, you can bring your own on board. There are bars in all of our party buses, and we provide ice and cups so all you need is the drink of your choice, whether it's beer, liquor, cocktails, wine, or champagne! Of course nonalcoholic beverages are welcome on the bus as well.

Q: "Will we be charged more if we stay longer?"
A: There are no additional fees for keeping our buses longer than planned. We just continue to charge you at the same rate that was agreed to during booking.

Q: "What days of the year are you open for business?"
A: We are open every single day of the year, every single day of the week, and every single hour of the day. There are absolutely no limits to the dates, days, and times that you can rent our services!

Q: "Does your company have all the necessary licenses and permits as well as insurance?"
A: Absolutely. We have all the permits and licenses that are required by the law, as well as the maximum amount of insurance allowed by the law. We hire only the best chauffeurs, and we inspect the buses each day before they go out on the road. You can rest assured that you're in good hands with our company.

Q: "What is your service area?" -or- "Will you travel outside your usual service area for me?"
A: Our service area is listed here, but we do sometimes travel outside that area for special events. Additional fees may apply. Please call us for complete pricing information and service area info.